The goal of an intervention is to convince an addict to seek treatment

An alcoholism intervention can only be successful if it’s conducted in a spirit of love and support. If someone you care about is an alcohol abuser, there’s no doubt you have a long list of grievances to air against him. An alcoholic intervention isn’t the forum in which to do so. Remember, the only goal of the intervention is to convince an addict to seek addiction treatment. Alcoholism interventions aren’t about reproach or recrimination. They’re about healing, and about hope. Anything that detracts from that purpose has no place in the process.

Of course, all that is easier said than done. An alcoholism intervention is an inherently divisive event, one that can easily devolve into a shouting match if it isn’t conducted with the proper guidance. That’s why the work of intervention specialists is so important. The right intervention specialist can help you marshal your emotions as you go forward with a crisis intervention, and give you the guidance you need to deliver your message as it has to be delivered. You owe it to yourself to get that kind of help. More importantly, you owe it to the addict you care about.

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