Tough Love Is The Best Way To Get Your Loved One Into Drug Abuse Treatment

If you’re loved one is dying from substance abuse, STOP all “rescue missions!” Family members often try to protect or to ’save’ the addict from the results of their behavior by making excuses to others about their abuse problem and by getting them out of drug-related jams. It is important to stop all such rescue attempts immediately, so that the addict will fully experience the harmful effects of his or her use and thereby become more motivated to stop and enter a drug treatment center. Do not pay their bills, do not bail them out of jail, do not pay their rent etc. Sometimes family members feel sorry for the addicted individual or tend to avoid the drug abuse; let them come and go as they please. This comes across to the substance abuser as a reward—after all, all the addict wants is to be left alone. Be careful not to reward by paying his bills, bailing him out of jail, letting him stay for free or letting him stay period etc. This kind of reward creates an out of exchange with the addict and increases criminal behavior. Tough love is the best way to get your loved one into drug treatment.

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