Understanding Addiction And What’s Involved With Recovery

Maintaining a comprehensive bio-behavioral understanding of addiction also speaks to what needs to be provided in addiction treatment centers.
Again, we must be careful not to pit biology against behavior.
The National Institute on Drug Abuse’s recently published Principles of Effective Drug Addiction Treatment provides a detailed discussion of how we must treat all aspects of [...]

Depression Treatment Is Very Often A Vital Adjunct To Drug Treatment

Addiction is always at least in part a psychological disease, and meaningful addiction recovery must entail psychological healing. Addicts suffering from depression can’t expect to get better without competent depression treatment programs. If you’re going to get sober, in other words, you’re going to have to start from the inside-out.
The good news is that many [...]

Hope. Heal. Recovery. Live Life Again

One of the primary drug addictions luxury residential drug rehabilitation centers deal with is cocaine addiction. Cocaine abuse, drug abuse, and addiction continues to be a problem that plagues our nation, but that can be dealt with at a drug rehabilitation center. For instance, from 1965 to 1967, only 0.1 percent of youths had [...]

Luxurious and residential-the right combo for a rehab center

Luxury residential drug addiction treatment for drug abuse and drug addiction has existed for 40 years. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers, also known as a drug detox, are therapeutic communities located in residential settings and use a hierarchical model with treatment stages that reflect increased levels of personal and social responsibility. Peer influence, mediated [...]

There are no good alternatives to addiction treatment

There’s no alternative to addiction treatment. There’s no other way to get sober, no other mechanism by which to reclaim your life. If you’re a victim of drug abuse, drug rehab is the last best chance you have to get healed. The only catch, of course, is that you have to take the first step. [...]

Susbtance abuse and alcoholism

Drug addiction treatment centers are addiction treatment facilities designed to help alcoholics and drug addicts heal physically, mentally and spiritually, and rediscover themselves in a drug and alcohol-free environment. The safe, comfortable and drug-free settings of various drug addiction treatment programs serve as tranquil and even spa-like surroundings for addicts and alcoholics to rehabilitate themselves. [...]