Depression Treatment Is Very Often A Vital Adjunct To Drug Treatment

Addiction is always at least in part a psychological disease, and meaningful addiction recovery must entail psychological healing. Addicts suffering from depression can’t expect to get better without competent depression treatment programs. If you’re going to get sober, in other words, you’re going to have to start from the inside-out.
The good news is that many [...]

Depression Treatment you can trust

The truth about depression is that it is a disease, not a choice. Depression victims don’t “decide” to be depressed, any more than cancer victims “decide” to have cancer. On the contrary, depression stems from causes that exist outside the scope of individual human will. If you’re a depression sufferer, it’s not your fault. You [...]

Depression treatment with holistic healing

Depression treatment can only succeed if it promotes holistic healing. Depression, after all, is a disease with both physical and psychological roots. Meaningful depression recovery has to occur on both a physical and psychological level. The best depression treatment programs, then, are those which help addicts get better in body as well as in mind, [...]