Healing the body and the mind

The best drug addiction treatment program is the one that helps patients get better in body as well as in mind. Addiction, after all, is a jointly physical and psychological disease, and drug addiction treatment must promote both physical and psychological healing. There are no partial victories in drug addiction treatment programs. If you’re going [...]

Luxurious and residential-the right combo for a rehab center

Luxury residential drug addiction treatment for drug abuse and drug addiction has existed for 40 years. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers, also known as a drug detox, are therapeutic communities located in residential settings and use a hierarchical model with treatment stages that reflect increased levels of personal and social responsibility. Peer influence, mediated [...]

Untreated drug addiction won’t simply go away

Untreated drug addiction won’t simply go away. You can’t ride it out, or wait for it to pass. Drug addiction isn’t a passing condition. It’s a disease, the same way that cancer and diabetes are diseases. And like cancer and diabetes, drug abuse can only be overcome with clinical drug treatment. Think of it this [...]

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction isn’t something to be ashamed of. After all, it can happen to anyone. Drug addicts are rich and poor, black and white, wildly successful and hopelessly down on their luck. The only thing they have in common is that they all need help. If you or someone you care about is a victim [...]

End enabling

Don’t enable, be tough!
If a loved one needs a drug treatment program, be loving, just don’t enable. They are taught that the only way that they can truly help us to change our ways is to stop enabling, and to start giving a little tough love. And it’s true too, and tough love can help. [...]

The pain addiction causes to a family

Going through alcohol addiction treatment was really hard for me. It was even worse for my family. It sucks that this is the truth, but alcohol addictions destroy an addict’s family more than anything else. I learned that the hard way. You can’t imagine how it is being a junkie unless you have been one, not [...]

The logical rub of attiction treatment

What makes an addiction treatment program work? An addiction treatment patient, for starters. Drug rehab is an intimate process, one that must ultimately be driven by rehab center patients. If you’ve made it this far, you probably don’t need to be told that addiction infects addicts down to the cores of their very being, in [...]

Your mind and your body both tend towards health, towards sobriety.

Drug and alcohol rehab isn’t hard. Well, it is hard, but not hard like you think it’d be. Most rehab patients check into drug and alcohol rehab centers expecting this great trial, as if addiction treatment were some kind of medieval rite of passage. But that’s not right. The truth, frankly, is that drug and [...]

Addiction was hard on me, addiction treatment was even harder

My time an addiction treatment center taught me a lot about life. I realized that it is totally human to make mistakes and even though a person makes mistakes, it doesn’t make them a worthless piece of trash. My time at an addiction treatment center also taught me that when a person makes mistakes that [...]

Drug Abuse

They say every drug addict can track his drug abuse back to a particular Moment: to an instant in which the bitter-dark seed of addiction took root in his breast, and began the slow-steady growth that would ultimately consume every last inch of his being.
Maybe that’s true. Me, I never was one for delving [...]