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Beating the demons and winning the battle of addiction

No one can get better for you in a drug rehab center. No one can heal you against your will, or take you anywhere you aren’t willing to go. Remember, addiction is a personal disease. Beating it demands a personal effort. If you’re going to get sober, it’s going to be because you commit yourself [...]

There are no good alternatives to addiction treatment

There’s no alternative to addiction treatment. There’s no other way to get sober, no other mechanism by which to reclaim your life. If you’re a victim of drug abuse, drug rehab is the last best chance you have to get healed. The only catch, of course, is that you have to take the first step. [...]

Drug rehabs aren’t all alike

Drug rehabs aren’t all alike. Some prospective drug rehab patients make the mistake of assuming that every drug rehab program must be more or less the same as the next one. That’s simply not the case. The truth is that drug rehabilitation is a delicate art form, one that can only succeed if it’s administered [...]

What makes a drug rehab program for successful?

What makes a drug rehab program for successful? While drug treatment is an inexact science, it’s fair to say that all effective drug rehab programs share a common trait: They’re administered by people who care.
Drug rehabilitation is and must be an intimate process. People matter in a drug rehab facility. So do relationships, and the [...]

It’s up to you to find one that’s a fit for you.

The best drug treatment centers aren’t necessarily the most famous ones. On the contrary, exclusive drug rehab has to be about privacy, and about dignity. The drug treatment center that’s right for you is the one that can give you the personalized care you need, in an environment uniquely suited to you and no one [...]

Upwards of twenty million Americans exhibit symptoms of unhealthy dependence on habit-forming substances

How important are private drug and alcohol rehabs? The latest government research suggests that upwards of twenty million Americans exhibit symptoms of unhealthy dependence on habit-forming substances. That’s a staggering statistic, one that speaks in no uncertain terms to the central role of drug and alcohol rehab in shaping the future of the country. Addicts [...]

I started drinking when I was 12

I started drinking when I was 12. I started with beer. I drank all through high school. I hated hangovers, almost enough to want to stop drinking because of them. I started drinking hard alcohol when I went to college. I made a deadly discovery that changed my life. I realized that you could remove [...]

Addiction was hard on me, addiction treatment was even harder

My time an addiction treatment center taught me a lot about life. I realized that it is totally human to make mistakes and even though a person makes mistakes, it doesn’t make them a worthless piece of trash. My time at an addiction treatment center also taught me that when a person makes mistakes that [...]

Don’t let the abuse go on

I had a terrible reaction to my drug addiction. It was really weird. I started taking drugs and then all of a sudden it ruined my life. I don’t know. Has that ever happened to you? I’ve heard a lot of people have had that same allergic reaction to drug abuse, but who knows. Obviously, [...]

Porn addiction is like any addiction

Want to know how porn addiction works? It suffocates you, that’s how: squeezes out every last ounce of anyone you’d ever known yourself to be, and makes it so that you don’t care or think about anything besides your crushing desire to view porn. For me, porn addiction was more than just a disease: It [...]