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Drug Abuse

They say every drug addict can track his drug abuse back to a particular Moment: to an instant in which the bitter-dark seed of addiction took root in his breast, and began the slow-steady growth that would ultimately consume every last inch of his being.
Maybe that’s true. Me, I never was one for delving [...]

Marijuana Treatment

Think you can’t get hooked on marijuana?
Think again.
Marijuana addiction is a real thing. I know because I lived it, because I wound up trapped in a world where it was like there was just me and my desire to smoke…and where everything I did ultimately had to lead me back to weed.
I know marijuana addiction [...]

active role in treatment…is key

 Addiction treatment can’t work unless you want it to work. It’s an obvious point, maybe…but it’s a hugely important one in shaping the success or failure of your addiction treatment program. Even the most competent addiction treatment experts in the world can’t do the heavy lifting for you; if you’re going to get better, it’s [...]

drug rehabilitation

People talk about drug rehabilitation like it’s a magical process, some sort of cross between sorcery and shamanism that heals addicts by virtue of mystical forces, and unseen powers. But that’s not right. Not even close, actually. The truth is that drug rehabilitation, when it works, works because drug rehabilitation patients make it work: because [...]