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Porn addiction is like any addiction

Want to know how porn addiction works? It suffocates you, that’s how: squeezes out every last ounce of anyone you’d ever known yourself to be, and makes it so that you don’t care or think about anything besides your crushing desire to view porn. For me, porn addiction was more than just a disease: It [...]

Alcohol Rehabs rehabilitate and give back freedom

Alcohol rehabs can save lives from utter ruin. That’s what they do. With all of the other addictions that are so commonly spoken about in the media, alcoholism seems to be one that gets lost in the sauce. Alcohol rehabs exist solely to rehabilitate alcoholics and give them the freedom from alcohol that they need [...]

California Drug Rehab

Drug addiction is a problem that has invaded America for quite some time. The best thing to happen to our society after the rise in drug addiction was the advent of drug rehab centers. It’s definitely a good thing that we have a way to combat the huge drug problem in this country and we [...]