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Addiction was hard on me, addiction treatment was even harder

My time an addiction treatment center taught me a lot about life. I realized that it is totally human to make mistakes and even though a person makes mistakes, it doesn’t make them a worthless piece of trash. My time at an addiction treatment center also taught me that when a person makes mistakes that [...]

Don’t let the abuse go on

I had a terrible reaction to my drug addiction. It was really weird. I started taking drugs and then all of a sudden it ruined my life. I don’t know. Has that ever happened to you? I’ve heard a lot of people have had that same allergic reaction to drug abuse, but who knows. Obviously, [...]

Painkiller addicts hide themselves well

My friend has recently given his life to a painkiller addiction. It really sucks. Actually, “sucks” is an understatement. People who suffer from a painkiller addiction never seem to have a problem at first. That’s how it happened for Cole. I had no idea that he was high all the time. It was really strange. [...]